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Loft 110 - Kari Gran


(206) 257-1226


At Kari Gran we believe that beauty is not measured by an age, a dollar sign or a stereotype and that women do not need to be fixed, plumped, erased or changed. There is no such thing as anti-aging, and the quest to turn back the clock is an expensive and exhausting one. We believe that beauty is achieved by how you live your life, and the choices you make and that beauty comes from being kind to yourself and to your skin. It is this philosophy that inspired the Kari Gran Brand: an all-natural, eco-skin care ritual providing a simple, elegant, clean solution that works flawlessly for any age and skin type.

Loft 200 - Grouparchitect

(206) 365-1230


We balance aesthetics, practicality, and sustainability on projects ranging from Commercial and Multi-family, Custom Residential, Prefab and Modular and Nonprofit clients with projects of all sizes and budgets while utilizing a collaborative team approach to the build process.

Loft 201 - La Rousse Boutique Salong


(206) 946-6741


Make an appointment today and enjoy the warm, friendly atmosphere while being pampered by our team of experts

Loft 202 - Mary Grace Long Photography

(206) 624-7474



Loft 205 - Fossatti Pawlak

(206) 456-3071


We work closely with the architect to achieve notable structural design. We tap into our collective knowledge and experience to fit together the “puzzle” or vision of the owner and architect. Our passion lies in configuring each puzzle and in achieving a constructible fit.

Loft 100 - Vertical Strategies

(206) 445-1473


The consultants of Vertical Strategies have worked with companies in change since 1995.    We are experienced managers, accountants, CFO's, controllers, and business owners; experienced in the specialized knowledge of working with companies struggling with mounting debt and foundering companies.

Loft 300 - Kwanchai

(206) 262-1022


Together, we’ll create a project concept and forge a transformed space, that is uniquely your own. We integrate architecture, materials and interior design into an innovative vision with strongly developed statements and carefully crafted details.  Kwanchai designs are rooted in elegant simplicity and comfortable functionality, fusing beauty in form with clarity in purpose.

Loft 401 - Morningside Development Group

(206) 795-1510


Morningside Development Group (MDG) was formed to produce timely, high quality, cost effective and profitable senior living projects. The opportunity to work with LCG Pence Construction, Inc. and Living Care to produce these projects coincides exactly with those goals and offers a unique opportunity for investors, owners, and clients.

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